Welcome to the Accounting Coding Camp (**Preview**)

Learn the Essentials of SAS, Python, and STATA to Conduct Empirical Research in Accounting and Finance

This course offers a preview of the material provided in the Accounting Coding Camp.

Meet the Accounting Coding Camp Team

The Accounting Coding Camp is taught by a team of experienced professors: Mike Drake, Josh Lee, and Jake Thornock. This team has published many articles in the top academic journals, including JAR, JAE, TAR, CAR, RAST, JF, JFE and MS.

Use SAS to import data locally or directly from WRDS and prepare data for statistical analysis.

Use Python to import data locally or directly from WRDS, prepare data for statistical analysis, scrape data from the web, perform robotic process automation, and perform textual analysis.

Use STATA to run statistical models and create beautifully-formatted output tables.

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